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At Normy’s House Removers, we specialise in moving large houses across South East Queensland. Our Sunshine Coast team also offers raising, restumping, cyclone proofing, re-levelling and site clean-up services.

We’ll take care of your Logistics

Relocating homes can be a logistical nightmare. Relax, Normy’s House Removers experienced team will overcome all the challenges. We have the dedication and haulage power to raise and relocate your house without you needing to worry. 

Relocation is a cheaper process than building a new home from scratch. So, whether you’ve bought yourself a new plot of land or you’re looking to preserve your heritage home, Normy’s can make it happen for you. 

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House Being Raised - House relocation in Sunshine Coast QLD
House Relocation - House relocation in Sunshine Coast QLD


Moving your home from one location to another is no longer a daunting task. We can relocate your home wherever you need in a fast and efficient manner.

House Raising - House relocation in Sunshine Coast QLD


Turn your house into a 2-storey home. We can extend its foundations, so upstairs can be safe from floods and you can have usable space underneath the house.

House Restumping - House relocation in Sunshine Coast QLD


Older homes have a higher chance of their stumps rotting and settling into the soil. Restumping replaces these foundations, ensuring a longer lasting home.